Big Z Shows No Mercy, No-Hits Ike-Weary Astros

Milwaukee’s Miller Park saw its first no-hitter on Sunday night — and the Brewers were in Philadelphia. Proving once again that Hurricane Ike was some sort of sign from God for the Cubs and Astros, Carlos Zambrano threw the first Cubs no-no in 36 years in front of more than 23,000 screaming Cub fans (and four guys rooting for the Astros) at Houston’s “home game.”

Carlos Zambrano

It was a cruel twist of fate for the surging ‘Stros, who arrived by plane just hours before the first pitch after spending the past two days dealing with chaos in their hometown. Meanwhile, the Cubs hopped a bus for a 90-minute ride up the expressway.  It was almost the perfect conditions for a no-hitter — if Zambrano hadn’t just spent nearly two weeks recovering from a sore rotator cuff.

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