Wrestling In Seattle: Sport Or Legitimate Theater?

For years, pro wrestlers - the Speedo-wearing ones, not the singlets - have had to battle the perception of whether their antics are real or fake. The truth lies somewhere in between since the matches are predetermined, but it’s pretty hard to fake being body slammed through a table. Still, there’s a group of wrestlers in Seattle called Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling who face an entirely new battle - whether they’re wrestlers or actors.

Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling's Gorilla Sammartino

(What happens when you don’t pay attention to your children)

You see, the members of Seattle Semi-Pro Wrestling don’t really consider what they do to be wrestling or sports entertainment as much as they just consider it just entertainment - more along the lines of a play or cabaret show that travels from Seattle bar to Seattle bar entertaining the drunken masses of the Emerald City. Unfortunately for them, the city of Seattle considers what they do as sports entertainment, and that makes things rather expensive for a group of unpaid actors in banana hammocks.

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Wrestler Sues Everyone Over Cookie-Stealing Ban

A scandal I like to call Cookiegate is rocking an Ohio high school, pitting student against teacher, wrestler against coach, parent against administration and man against cookie.

Cookie Monster

Dillon Kelley (pictured), a wrestler at Centerville High School, is suing the school, the board of ed, and the city after he was kept out of a regional tournament because he was being punished for stealing cookies from the cafeteria. Let’s explore what’s obviously the most heinous sports-related crime since Ray Lewis killed a guy, after the jump.

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Sightless, Legless Wrestlers Are Better Than You

A blind guy and a guy with no legs go into a wrestling meet…Have you heard this one before? Well, the punchline is, they both kick your ass.

Leroy Sutton and Dartanyon Crockett

Lincoln West High School in Cleveland features two wrestlers for whom the “inspirational stories” tag was made. Dartanyon Crockett, who has been legally blind since birth, and Leroy Sutton, who lost both his legs when he was run over by a train at age 11. Sounds like some major disadvantages? Not even close. Combined, the two have a 32-5 record.

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Christian School Bans Boys From Wrestling Girls

If you’re a high school wrestler, odds are good that the closest you’re getting to any contact with females is if one shows up to wrestle you, and that’s pretty unlikely. But hey, boys of Florida, you’re in luck. About 350 girls competed in the state last year, but one Christian school is ruining the fun for everyone by barring its boys from wrestling against girls, even if it costs them a shot at advancing in the district and/or regional tournament.

high school co-ed wrestling

(This is the best day of this boy’s life so far)

Calvary Christian in Clearwater has instituted a “philosophy” (it’s not a rule yet) that prohibits their boy wrestlers from competing with girls, such as the pictured Taira Salahudtin, who moved on from districts to regionals when a Calvary boy forfeited their match. So what’s Calvary’s deal?

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School Sued For Wrestling Team Herpes Outbreak

Seventy percent of wrestlers on York College’s wrestling team contracted herpes. Rather than being able to tout themselves as a party school, the school is being sued by three of the wrestlers for failing to take the proper precautions to stop the outbreak.


This is the lede in the PHILADELPHIA DAILY NEWS: “Inside the humid confines of college wrestling practice, grapplers spend hours banging heads, grinding faces into the mat and contorting into uncomfortable positions. They spill a little blood and leave puddles of sweat.” Yup, this reads like a herpes story to me.

But this is no laughing matter (Alright, maybe a little). Rather than follow the NCAA guidelines of sitting infected wrestlers until they can be treated, York allegedly threw three of them back on the mat to infect the rest of their team. Those three have quite the lawsuit on their hands.

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Vince McMahon Demands Wrestling Be Realistic

One of the worst parts of childhood is growing up to understand that a lot of the things you held dearest are a bunch of crap.  Santa Claus?  Your dad in a fat suit.  The Easter Bunny?  Come on.  You thought that was real?   The tooth fairy?  That’s just a bunch of crap to get you to go see a dentist.   Still, there was one thing I learned growing up that crushed me more than finding out any of those three weren’t real.   I remember the day my cousin told me wrestling was fake.

I felt as my entire soul was being torn apart at the seams.   My parents always told me it was fake, but I never believed them.  My cousin, on the other hand, was a wrestling fan and had no reason to lie to me.   It was horrible, I thought the Ultimate Warrior really was an Ultimate Warrior, and now I found out he was just some roid raging psycho with a penchant for face paint.   Thankfully, Vince McMahon realizes the pain this causes young children worldwide, and he wants to do something about it.

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Mitch ‘Blood’ Green at 51: Still Eloquent, Still Bitter

Mitch “Blood” Green, the former boxer best known for being beaten by Mike Tyson both in and out of the ring in the late 80s, spoke with THE SWEET SCIENCE for a phone interview this week; proving that Green is not only still alive but he also owns a telephone.

Mitch Blood Green and Mike Tyson

The guy pictured above falling victim to Tyson’s fist, from their 1986 bout in Madison Square Garden, is now 51 years old. But his age is getting in the way of his desire to…wait for it…get back in the ring.

The former gang leader turned boxer doesn’t even care what shape the ring is either. He’s willing to step in to an octagon, although I’m sure he really knew there was a difference. When asked about his future plans, He tells TSS, “Ultimate fighting, wrestling, whatever.

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Coach Nailed To Cross For Muslim Conversions?

Jerry Marszalek’s contract as head wrestling coach at Fordson High School in Dearborn, MI, has not been renewed because one of his long-time assistants, Rev. Trey Hancock, has an extensive history of attempting to convert Muslims to Christianity and has become a polarizing figure in the area.

Dearborn High School

It’s not clear Hancock ever attempted to convert any student on school property or at meets, but his attempts to convert Muslims in and around Dearborn as part of his work on behalf of the Dearborn Assembly of God congregation have become controversial common knowledge in the local community, according to THE DETROIT TIMES.

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Pro Wrestlers Can’t Look Macho with Guitar Hero

Thanks to KOTAKU, we have a warning for wrestling fans and entertainment executives everywhere: this is what happens when you let your Marketing department plan your introductions.

“Hey, the kids are into the Guitar Hero; my little Dylan can’t stop playing long enough to come to the dinner table or notice when I’ve disappeared two hours to ‘answer email’ and hit the Pippi Longstocking fetish chat room. We should combine the two somehow. Maybe we could hand huge men these little toys and let them indulge their rock star dreams?”
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HS Wrestler Who Went Winless Not A Loser At All

The ORANGE COUNTY REGISTER has the inspiring tale of Cullen Fitzgibbons, a high school wrestler who finished his career without a win.

Cullen Fitzgibbons Down syndrome high school wrestler

How is that inspiring? The wrestler didn’t let Down syndrome keep him from competing. Read more…