Stephen A Smith Voted Worst Sports Announcer By AOL Users

SPEECHLESS - STEPHEN A-1 WORST SPORTS ANNOUNCER: It’s well-known how importantly Stephen A. Smith feels about the blogosphere. Now the internet masses have been led astray by the “untrained writers” once more.

WITH LEATHER shares the important results of an important poll offered up by AOL FANHOUSE, and Stephen is A-1 on top of the hot list.

Stephen A Smith Worst Sports Announcer

Too bad for Screamin’ A, it’s recognition for being America’s Worst Sports Announcer. The blogger basher was able to beat out such cringe-inducing competition as Lee Corso, Shannon Sharpe, and in the tourney topper, Monday Night mouth Tony Kornheiser.

Congrats, S.A.S.! Have a cheez doodle on us.