Torch $350 Just For Right To Buy Cubs W.S. Tix?!

With the World Series just three months away and the Chicago Cubs out to a massive two game lead in the National League Central, now’s a perfect time for Cubs fans to throw down $350 for the right to reserve tickets to the Fall Classic.

Cubs Fans

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports “a Chicago-based company called FirstDibz is already selling the rights to purchase tickets from a seller should the World Series happen at Wrigley. The company takes 17 percent in service charges.Read more…

Rockies Fan Willing To Sell Playboys For Series Tix

ROCKIES FAN WILL GIVE UP PLAYBOYS TO GET SERIES TIX: A Rockies fan is desperate to get World Series tickets. So desperate, that he’s willing to part with his most prized possession - 25 years’ worth of Playboy magazines:

Playboy cover Big 8

CBS 4 DENVER flips through the pages of the unique offer from Bobby Padilla. The Little League coach - there’s a shocker! - explains that he’ll give up the priceless & clothes-less collections, just for the chance to take his son to a Series game.

And the fact that his wife told him to get the nudie mags out of the house.

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