Is Manny Heading Back To Massachusetts? (No.)

Do you realize players start reporting for spring training in two weeks? And that Manny Ramirez still doesn’t have a place to play? This guy might still be one of the top 5 hitters in the game, and he still doesn’t know where he’s going to play. Obviously, money and the length of the contract are the sticking points. But if Manny wants to play, he better take the first offer that comes across his desk. (I assume it’s this Fisher-Price Fun-2-Learn All-In-One Learning Desk).

Manny Ramirez

Well, here’s the first offer, from the Worcester Tornadoes of the independent Can-Am League. They can’t offer much - a two-year deal worth $24,000. But he’d be all but guaranteed to hit cleanup, and he’d be close enough to Beantown to be covered by his old friends the Boston media. What’s not to love?

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Rich Gedman Will Defend Roger Clemens’ Honor

This is weird: Rich Gedman’s still alive. I had no idea. He’s currently managing the Worcester Tornadoes. And after an unannounced visit from former teammate and unadmitted drug user Roger Clemens prompted a story in the local paper, Gedman proceeded to go “Jim Luther Davis” on the author of the piece, Kevin O’Malley.

Rich Gedman and Roger Clemens

Apparently, Gedman took issue with O’Malley’s article because, well … I have no idea.

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