NJ Man Invents “Shatterproof” Wood Baseball Bat

Last year, more than 2,000 bats broke during the last three months of the Major League Baseball season. Last April, a woman at a Dodgers game had her jaw broken by a chunk of Todd Helton’s shattered bat. One of the main reasons that youth and college leagues use metal bats (which are more dangerous for pitchers) is because the cost of constantly replacing broken wood bats is too high.

Ward Dill batmaker

All of these things got New Jersey resident Ward Dill to thinking. What if he could make a wood bat that doesn’t break? The MIT graduate got to work and eventually did just that. Now, Dill’s radial bats, which are made out of wedges that fit together rather than a single piece of wood, have been approved for use by the NCAA. Dill envisions a day where metal bats are pushed out by his new creation.

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