Kid Uses Lotto Loot To Start Chick-Wrestling Show

So you’ve just won $17 million in South Carolina’s Powerball Lotto, and you’re deciding what to do with your new-found riches. Well of course the answer is obvious: Move to Tampa Bay and start a TV show featuring scantily-clad women wrestlers.

Jay Vargas, Wrestlicious girls

Jay Vargas was only 19 when he took the lottery’s $17 million lump sum. Now 21, he calls himself JV Rich, and is the owner of “Wrestlicious,” which is kind of a cross between … it reminds one of … it’s, oh hell, just look at the video below. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Matt Jones Caught with Coke & Pot

• DEADSPIN snorts up news that Jaguars receiver Matt Jones was arrested in Arkansas for cocaine & marijuana possession.

Matt Jones Jaguars mugshot

Maybe he’s just preparing himself for the Jags’ potential move to L.A.

• GOTHAMIST purrs at the latest fashion accessory Mets pitchers are sporting these days - Hello Kitty backpacks.

• LARRY BROWN SPORTS finds Lance Berkman taking a swing at those who are afraid to participate in the Home Run Derby.

• THE WIZARD OF ODDS can’t wait to put up their awesome 2008 USC Trojans football poster. Not bad, but this will always be our favorite sports schedule wall decoration:

Ashley Judd Kentucky hockey poster

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Athletes Show All For Playboy; Hair-Raising Cards

Brandi Chastian’s bra brouhaha has nothing on this Brazilian soccer babe.

• Hot on the heels of Ashley Harkleroad’s announcement, we uncover the naked truth on how often athletes have bared all for Playboy.

Gabrielle Reece Playboy cover top

• Upper Deck wants to condition us into buying these hair-filled cards. Next, special-edition SbB sets featuring freshly-shorn follicles from Brooks.

• How cool is Rick Sutcliffe? Not only can he kick cancer’s ass, but he’ll steal a base just to win Bill Murray some beer.

Kobe explains how he jumps over snakes, while Mrs. Bryant jumps all over an ESPN writer.

• The Yankees want to pull the plug on an All-Star promotion that might feature David Ortiz. Well, we should’ve know there was Red Sox trouble at the Stadium had we seen the warning signs.

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NCAA’s Next Breakout Sport-Women’s Wrestling?

THE NEW YORK TIMES finds what the NCAA has yet to fully discover: women want to wrestle in college if they just get an opportunity. Unfortunately for them, the opportunities are rare and undistinguished thus far.

The ladies of OCU Wrestling

(The ladies of Oklahoma City University wrestling)

Tiny private schools in the NAIA have taken advantage of the need by opening women’s wrestling programs in such unlikely places as Jamestown (North Dakota) College, Missouri Baptist University, and Oklahoma City University. Only Pacific University in Oregon fields a varsity women’s wrestling squad as an NCAA school. Even three-time state champions cannot find a college close to home.

Tani Ader, three-time wrestling champion

(Three-time Hawaiian state wrestling champion Tani Ader)

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