Top Female Athletes Are On Par With 15-Y.O. Boys

An interesting study was recently published by the NATONAL REVIEW that suggests the top female athletes in their respective sport are basically the equivalent of the best 14 or 15-year old boy in theirs.  While this may seem like a stretch, or even be considered controversial, it’s really quite hard to argue with the facts.

Fastest Woman

(High School boys are unimpressed.)

The REVIEWS Todd Johnson crunches the numbers of each world record set by women over the past 20 years in speed, strength, and endurance events. Then he goes on to compare them to the best times of pubescent boys in the same categories and concludes that, across the board, a 15-year old male has consistently better numbers than their elder female counterparts.

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India’s Utter Insanity Over Sania’s Pseudo Slight

Those of you who enjoyed the death and destruction wrought by Muslims over the cartoon depictions of Islam in Denmark can now get excited over a somewhat similar freakout in India.

Sania Mirza Photos

THE AUSTRALIAN reports today that “INDIAN sport is facing a fierce new controversy as ultra-nationalists targeted rising tennis star Sania Mirza after she was photographed at the Hopman Cup in Perth with her bare feet on a table alongside the national flag.

It would be an amusing story if it wasn’t so sad. Especially when you see the photo.

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Maybe Baby Jesus Isn’t Down With The WNBA

The CANADIAN PRESS (via TWOI) reports that Wayne State’s women’s (of course) basketball team beat something called Temple Baptist last night 132-13. Temple Baptist’s Runnin’ Rams, which trailed 76-8, dressed five players for the game and committed 54 turnovers.

Jesus Says Get That Sh** Outta Here!

Now you would think an 119-point margin of victory would be a record of some sort. And you would be wrong. The difference was three points less than the NCAA Division II record. West Texas A&M defeating something called National Christian 155-33 on Nov. 29, 2001.

Everytime we see one of these embarrassing games, it always seems to involve a tiny women’s school with a religious affiliation of some sort. We’re wondering if this means the Almighty is now on the verge of canceling his Conneticut Sun season seats.