Ex-Women’s B-Ball Star Ensnared In Sex Scandal

• Another day, another high school coach caught in a student sex scandal.

Raenna Jewell

• North Carolina plants their Tar Heels firmly into Sparty’s backside.

• Phillies fans fight 15 feet away while World Series banner is being raised.

• The way the Detroit Lions have been lately, it wouldn’t be surprising to see them not make the first NFL Draft pick.

• You probably could have gotten a really good seat to the women’s NCAA basketball championship if you were so inclined.

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Women’s Hoops Salaries Soar As Crowds Dwindle

Yesterday, we discussed the unfair nature of letting lower-seeded teams host games in the women’s NCAA tournament. And while the wild crowd at the Breslin Center helped push Michigan State to a stunning upset of Duke, other venues were not quite so fortunate. 10th-seeded San Diego State got to host second-seeded Stanford but drew only 3,651 fans in the 12,000+ seat Cox Arena. In venues where none of the home teams were playing, attendance lagged well below 3,000. Only 1,292 showed up for games in Los Angeles.

women's bb crowd

(where are all the fans?)

The NCAA decided a while ago to go to pre-determined sites for the women’s tournament, then put as many teams at home as possible, regardless of seeding. So this not only creates unfair matchups, but also kills any hope of drawing crowds in towns with no qualifying team. It used to be that the high seeds would host the first weekend, which would almost certainly draw higher crowds than this, right?

And what’s making the flailing attendance even more eye-opening? Salaries for women’s coaches are soaring.

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UTEP Model Player Showing Skills On TV Tonight

As the guys get themselves set for their Sweet Sixteen, it’s time for the girls to do their thing. The NCAA Women’s Tournament is underway. And it didn’t take them two days to have an upset, as Hartford knocked off Syracuse.

Claudia Porras Photos

Although not as fawned over as the Men’s brackets, the fellas over at SOX & DAWGS attempt to add some titillation to the Tourney by selecting their hottest players of the Field of 64. And for such related reasons is why we plan to watch tonight’s UTEP-Western Kentucky contest. Read more…