Schrutebag “Thinking” Of Starting His Own Blog

Listening to Colin Cowherd’s ESPN radio show reminds us of our college dorm days. Remember drinking too much Lowenbrau, too early, then hooking up with the girl who lives on the floor below you?

15 minutes and you can’t finish.

Colin Cowherd

(Distracted by Grocery Store Salad Bar Garbanzo Beans)

We’ve tried over the years to give the show a chance, but we just can’t get past the unceasing arrogance. It’s one thing to have a strong opinion, it’s another to dismiss anyone not named Sean Salisbury in 1.4 seconds if they don’t agree with you. There’s no interchange with callers.

We understand that calls don’t make a radio show. In fact, the less the better. But we focused on that part of Cowherd’s show in this post so we don’t have to get into his monologues, which unintentionally scream mid-life crisis every, single day.

Dan Steinberg of DC SPORTS BOG braves all that to have Cowherd pontificate to him interview Mr. Grocery Store Salad Bar (see, we do listen) on Super Bowl radio row.

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