Ex-Lakers Reporter Obliterates Wilt’s 20,000 Myth

Last week I published an excerpt from Roland Lazenby’s upcoming biography of Lakers great Jerry West. The snippet detailed sexual activity by the Lakers during the Showtime era - which was headlined by Magic Johnson. Lazenby has a fascinating follow on his blog today that expounds on the sexual proclivities of the Lakers and the NBA at large.

Wilt didn't sleep with 20,000 women

Though you should definitely read the entire blog post, I’ll highlight something I found interesting. In Lazenby’s piece, former longtime LOS ANGELES HERALD-EXAMINER Lakers beat writer Doug Krikorian completely debunks Wilt Chamberlain’s claim that he slept with 20,000 women.

Doug, who is a friend of mine, actually doesn’t just debunk the myth, he obliterates it with “firsthand” knowledge. And Doug is as credible as they get. Read more…

Chamberlain’s Old Mansion Still Uniquely His Own

First of all, an aside - has it really been a decade since Wilt Chamberlain passed away? Really. Damn. 10 years and a day. Luckily, just as Chamberlain seemed larger than life, so too do many of his accomplishments stand longer than his life. What’s that? Oh, we’re talking about basketball, of course. You… you’re not still thinking about the tens of thousands of women he conquered, are you?

WIlt Chamberlain House
(Doesn’t it kind of look like two people doing it? No? Okay, we’re stretching on that one.)

Well, just as the record books focus on his on-court activities, his old house still stands as a monument to his off-court persona. It’s not all the same, of course, but even the current owner - a Russian transplant who had never even heard of Chamberlain - still preserving some details of the house in honor of the most prolific ladyslayer of our time.

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Wilt Chamberlain Can’t Compete With Fidel Castro

Wilt Chamberlain set a bunch of NBA records while playing in the league. He set a scoring record with 100 points in a single game, is the league’s all-time leading rebounder, and was the league’s all-time leading scorer when he retired. Still, the number Wilt put up that has earned him more admiration from men around the world than any other was the 20,000 women he claims to have slept with. Unfortunately for Wilt, it appears that there’s somebody else who has been even more successful with the ladies during his lifetime.

Fidel Castro Reads Up On Viagra Slept With 35,000 Women

Apparently when Fidel Castro isn’t busy suggesting that more athletes should kick officials in the face, he’s got his hands full with the fairer sex. There’s a documentary on the Cuban dictator coming out soon, and in it we find out that Fidel shattered Wilt’s mark of 20,000.

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Blog Jam: Williams Was Invited To Benson’s Boat

Bill Williamson of ESPN’s HASHMARKS tokes up word that Ricky Williams could have joined in on the fun of Cedric Benson’s big boating adventure.

Cedric Benson boat party Ricky Williams

• THE SIDNEY CROSBY SHOW skates over video of the Pittsburgh Penguins having some post-game fun with Flyers fans.

• HOME RUN DERBY knows how heated the Cubs-Cardinals rivalry can be, especially when it comes to rigging a jalapeno-eating contest.

• Did your mom sleep with Wilt Chamberlain? THE WORLD OF ISAAC offers this helpful quiz to find out.

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Blog-Some: Classic ESPN Cockfighting Commercial

• YOU BEEN BLINDED scratches up this classic ESPN commercial featuring the Red Sox & Yankees cockfighting:

• CNBC’s Darren Rovell hoops it up with the Harlem Globetrotters - by hitting the court as a Washington General.

• The NEW YORK POST’s PAGE SIX briefs us that Tom Brady may soon be showing off in Calvin Klein skivvies.

• The NATIONAL ENQUIRER leg-drops a bombshell that Hulk Hogan’s been secretly squeezing his 24-inch pythons around a friend of his daughter’s

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Mike & Mike Get In A Lather For Soap Opera Scene

Mike Golic & Mike Greenberg bust their acting chops in “Guiding Light“:

Mike Greenberg and Mike Golic on Guiding Light

Wonder if they’ll bring Dana Jacobson along to the Daytime Emmys?

A-Rod is pumped at the thought of his daughters marrying Andy Pettitte.

Knicks teammates Zach Randolph & Nate Robinson exchange words - then some water & towels.

The Big Cactus needles Kareem & Wilt The Stilt about a lack of respect.

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Shaq Asks Of Kareem & Wilt: Where’s The Love?

It’s going to be fun Wednesday night, when Shaq’s first game under the Suns will be a showdown against his old teammates from Tinseltown. And the Big Cactus had some prickly words for a couple of Lakers greats.

The LOS ANGELES TIMES reports that O’Neal had nothing but kind comments for the current edition of the Lake Show on Tuesday - calling Kobe Bryantthe best player in the league” and flattering Phil Jackson a “jokester.” So, who did he go after?

Shaquille O'Neal Kareem Abdul Jabbar Wilt Chamberlain

Would you believe Kareem Abdul-Jabbar and Wilt Chamberlain? Read more…