Blog Jam: Charles Oakley - No Shirt, No Problem!

• Move over, Jeff Reed & Vince Young - DEADSPIN finds another shirtless stud that likes to party with his top off: NBA old-timer Charles Oakley.

Charles Oakley partying shirtless

• The WINSTON SALEM (NC) JOURNAL tries to take the sting out of Kobe Bryant’s so-called shunning of the Charlotte Hornets.

• THE BIZ OF BASEBALL hungers at the news that the new Yankee Stadium will include a Hard Rock Cafe.

• MERRY ATHEIST wants to keep the deity off the diamond, as they don’t believe “God Bless America” should be sung at ballparks anymore.

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Tiger Woods Takes His Toll On Wall Street Trading

Dubya dribbles with some Irish kids. We need a Guinness after viewing that.

Tiger Woods’ win in San Diego is Wall Street’s loss in productivity.

Tiger Woods Nike Smile

• Speaking of the ex-Eldrick, Sports Illustrated needs help with next week’s cover.

Doug Christie’s better half is blackballing him from the NBA.

• ESPN wants to keep an eye on you - a big, bloodshot eye.

• Meanwhile, the Worldwide Leader should keep an eye on Jemele Hill’s Hitler-Celtics comments.

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Mets Relieve Willie Randolph From Further Stress

Although his New York Mets escaped with a 9-6 win over the Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California, USA, North America on Monday night, Willie Randolph couldn’t escape the pink slip.

Willie Randolph Mets bobblehead

To the surprise of pretty much no one, the Mets manager was finally given the ol’ heave-ho. But Willie won’t be leaving by his lonesome - pitching coach Rick Peterson and first-base coach Tom Nieto were also shown the door. In the interim, bench coach Jerry Manuel will be stepping in the cleats for the removed Randolph.

GM Omar Minaya - who still has his job (for now) - is set to schedule a press conference for Tuesday afternoon at 2 p.m.

We suppose now was the perfect time for Mets management to kick Willie to the curb, since he was 3,000 miles away in Southern California.

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Blog-A-Rhythm: Bert Blyleven Loves To Pass Gas

• AARON GLEEMAN (by way of BIG LEAGUE STEW) gets wind of a vintage photo featuring Bert Blyleven letting out his secret joy:

Bert Blyleven loves to fart

Maybe Bert should get together with C.C. Sabathia.

• IPIKO via BOBCATS BASELINE drives up pics of the coolest car in Charlotte - a Bobcats-inspired Crown Victoria.

• CBS 4 in Denver finds Barack Obama taking on the press - in a game of pickup basketball.

• WITH LEATHER is getting sleeeeeepy, as a shotputter hopes to finally get gold through hypnosis.

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Carter: Media’s Fault He’s A Backstabbing Jackass

Everyone knows that the one thing Gary Carter will never be able to do is keep his mouth closed. So no one was surprised when he came out and recently said he would be interested in the Mets job when if Willie Randolph gets the sack.

Gary Carter

Neil Best of NEWSDAY is there to report on Carter’s first public statement to the media about wanting the job - and then gets reax from Carter after he was folded into the media-created replacement cake batter for Mets manager.

Best reports that Carter claims his open campaigning for the job was a complete media creation - and that he was just answering a question asked of him about the possible opportunity. Never mind that the Mets already had a manager when he answered the leading query. Read more…