Miami Dolphins Celebrity Owner Club Gets Bigger

One of the most unusual side stories of the upcoming NFL season has been the spectacle that ownership of the Miami Dolphins has become. While it’s thought that Stephen Ross is still the majority owner, this summer has seen a spate of celebrities join into minority ownership.

Williams Sisters
(”Dolphins would look so good on these plates.”)

While we couldn’t have anticipated it at the time, Gloria Estefan’s decision to buy into the team (with husband Emilio Estefan - not to be confused with “Mr. Mighty Ducks” Emilio Estevez) was just a harbinger of bigger announcements to come. Soon afterward, the naming rights to the stadium were sold to another famous Miami resident, one Jimmy Buffett, and Marc Antony joined Estefan as owners shortly thereafter.

But if you’re foolish enough to scoff at that collection of names, scoff no longer, as the team is being joined by, legitimately, one of the top 20 brands in sports today.

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Cuter Competitors Get Wimbledon’s Centre Court

Earlier this week, we reported how tennis commentator Michael Stich ruffled a few feathers when he, um, commented about how women players at Wimbledon are there to “sell sex” (well, not literally). Although it sounds sexist & unfair, it seems there’s a kernel of truth to his statement. And maybe not just a kernel, but a whole bag of Orville Redenbacher’s Gourmet Popping Corn.

Victoria Azarenka Sorana Cirstea

(Victoria Azarenka vs. Sorana Cirstea - low Wimbledon rankings, but high Wimbledon ratings)

Turns out that when selecting which match-ups will play at Wimbledon’s Centre Court, it’s not always the higher-seeded ladies that get to play in the main arena. Instead, it’s the lower-seeded cuties that are often the ones courted to take Centre stage.

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A-Rod Overload; SI Stalkers?; Mike Leach is Mad

• Thank goodness this A-Rod steroids admission happened, or we wouldn’t have anything else to talk about.

Alex & Cynthia Rodriguez dinner staredown

(Suppose Cynthia was really on to something, after all?)

• Still, it’s not like he’s accusing any media members of stalking him, right?

Mike Leach is not to tickled about Texas Tech’s additional clauses in its latest contract offer to the Red Raiders coach.

• The tennis coach who served the Williams Sisters & Maria Sharapova has a new 4-year-old prodigy ready to cause a racket.

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Down Goes Federer … And Serena … And Venus

As we all try to get past the injustice suffered by Greco-Roman wrestler Ara Abrahamian, there are other, equally-compelling Olympic story lines worth following.

James Blake and Roger Federer

Apparently, world-class athletes like to have sex. Weird. Also, in terms of actual competition, there have been a slew of tennis upsets today. For starters, Harvard-trained James Blake beat Roger Federer.

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Blog-O-Rama: Meet The Australian Allison Stokke

• Move over, Allison Stoke - WITH LEATHER via FAN IQ finds a new pretty pole vaulter that’s raising the bar - awesome Aussie Melanie Adams.

Melanie Adams

• THE BIG LEAD punches up word that the UFC wants you to vote - or else.

Rob Drake trades his chestplate for a laptop, as he blogs about life as an MLB umpire.

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