Wade Star-Gazing?; Rose Not So Sweet After Fight

Wrigleyville merchants selling offensive t-shirts? Bet they reply, “Me so solly!”

Dwyane Wade dating Star Jones? How in the world did this happen?

Dwyane Wade Star Jones

Derrick Rose isn’t looking so good for the NBA Draft, after losing a fight with a guy over a gal.

Marty Brennaman, tell us how you really feel about Cubs fans.

• Turns out Will Perdue is not a big fan of sports bloggers. Will Mark Cuban offer him a contract?

• Buy me some peanuts and turkey testicles, I don’t care if I ever get back…

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Perdue Throws Blogs, Hackensack, Under The Bus

Michael David Smith of FANHOUSE, god love him, listens to ESPN’s Mike & Mike morning radio show so we can focus on our primary early morning activity: Santa Monica Pier cleanup detail.

Will Perdue

Today, Smith reports on a scintillating roundtable discussion between host Mike Greenburg, ESPN baseball writer Buster Olney, and Will Perdue (who apparently does local yocal NBA analysis).

Now we want to be careful here, because we didn’t hear this first-hand. But when the subject of blogs came up between the titantic trio, a mean-faced Perdue said he couldn’t believe the gall of some bloggers, that they actually had … an opinion *gasp*. Read more…