Brian Giles Says Brian Giles Is Not A Lady Beater

Okay, sure, things look bad for Brian Giles when his ex-girlfriend, Cheri Olverafiled a $10 million suit against him for child support and damages from domestic violence. Oh, and things looked worse after video was released of him allegedly attacking her in a 2006 incident.

Giles At Bat
(Unfortunately, “I beat sliders not women raaaaargh” was not a sound legal defense.)

By the way, when we say “damages” from domestic assault, we’re not talking about a broken vase or something material and replaceable; according to the lawsuit, Giles’ abuse caused two miscarriages. Good god. But Brian Giles isn’t worried, you see. Not when, according to the SAN DIEGO UNION-TRIBUNE, he’s sure what this suit is really about: the money.

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