White Male Shrinkage Not Plaguing Print Media

The Institute for Diversity and Ethics in Sports (TIDES) dropped a report yesterday that shocked exactly no one that enjoys reading about sports in these United States: sports departments are still overwhelmingly white and male. For the key statistics, we turn to the Director/Prince of TIDES, Richard Lapchick (tee hee):

“This report shows that in 2008, 94% of the sports editors; 89% of the assistant sports editors; 88% of our columnists; 87% of our reporters; and 89% of our copy editors/designers are white, and those same positions are 94%, 90%, 94%, 91%, and 84% male.”

All the President's Men

(”Follow the white guy? Are you sure?”)

Don’t fret it, though, everyone: those percentages may not be budging, but soon there won’t be any sports rooms to worry about. Wire reports and Mariotti for everyone!
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