Magic Fan Calls Big Baby Davis “Raging Lunatic”

Front-row tickets to a major sporting event may be the best seats in the house, but we should all know by now that there are some inherent risks involved. Glen “Big Baby” Davis reminded us of that last night when he plowed through a crowd of front-row spectators after hitting his game-winning jumper last night to potentially save the Celtics’ season. He avoided most of the fans, but landed a direct hit on a kid wearing a white t-shirt, sending his hat flying into the stands.

Big Baby Davis

(An approximation of what Nicholas Provetti saw coming at him last night)

Well, the kid who took the brunt of Big Baby’s considerable momentum has a name: he’s 12-year-old Nicholas Provetti, and he was with his father in the seats they sit in for every Magic home game. And the elder Provetti, Ernest, is not at all happy with Davis, going as far as sending an angry e-mail to the NBA’s league office this morning calling Davis a “lunatic” for shoving his son. But I think the evidence will reveal who the real lunatic is in this spat.

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