Fake Wrestler Chris Jericho Punches Real Woman

We’ll admit it; we didn’t watch The Wrestler. Sure, it got good reviews, but we refuse to support anything that glorifies Mickey Rourke. The reviews told us it was gritty and “real”–and that in order to prepare for the role, Rourke probably did a bunch of steroids. That’s because all professional wrestlers do a bunch of steroids*. Now, we paid attention to the afterschool specials that told us the dangers of doing steroids,** so the last thing we’d ever do is provoke one of these wrestlers by, oh I don’t know, spitting on them.

Chris Jericho Fight
(This would not end well. At all.)

But we’re neither this Canadian WWE fan nor his girlfriend, both of whom confronted and harassed WWE “superstar” Chris Jericho as he left a show in Victoria Saturday afternoon. Jericho was barely off the arena property when some “fans,” angry at Jericho’s remarks at the show, tried to confront him as a mob gathered. First, the video (with NSFW language) after the jump, then the eyewitness account, because there’s no way you’ll be able to tell what the hell just happened. Read more…