Rays Fan vs. J.C. Romero: Let The Fun Commence

You remember Robert Eaton, the Tampa Bay Rays fan who wanted an autograph from the Phillies’ J.C. Romero last week, and wound up getting throttled by the pitcher. Now Eaton wants more than a signature — he wants cash. It’s litigation time at the Trop! (Jaunty organ music here).

That’s not actually Eaton pictured on the right above, although that’s how I pictured him while he was talking, along with his attorney Jim Magazine, on WIP radio in Philadelphia on Tuesday. I wonder, did the interview conclude with a call-in segment? I would have loved to hear that, since they were in Philadelphia. Anyway, as Jimmy Shapiro of Sports Radio Interviews.com points out: “Eaton talks of a neck injury and I can totally see a Brady Bunch type neck brace in a court setting for this clown.”

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Jefferson Pulls A Sprewell On Minn. Birthday Host

An unannounced appearance by Richard Jefferson at a private hotel party got the birthday boy all choked up - but not in a good way.

Richard Jefferson New Jersey Nets

The MINNEAPOLIS STAR TRIBUNE reports that assault charges have been filed against the New Jersey Net for attacking a man at a Minneapolis hotel last January. The charges claim that Jefferson choked the man until he briefly lost consciousness. Read more…