SbB’s Road To Nowhere: Sleepless In Charlotte

So in the past ten days, we’ve spent time in San Antonio, Los Angeles and Kansas City. And we’ve also had the pleasure of spending the night at the Austin and Charlotte airports, for which we’d like to personally salute American Airlines and US Airways.

Charlotte Airport Hotel Sights And Sounds

Now, that’s not to say we’re not having a delightful time on our journey. We were in S.A. for the Final Four, which was certainly among the highlights of our life. We also enjoyed the gorgeous weather in Lipstick City. And seeing Earl Campbell’s dinged-up Heisman Trophy next to an Austin Airport omelette station was too thrilling to capture into words.

But nothing can top what we saw at our hometown Kansas City airport yesterday. When it comes to sports, the good folks of KC have been a little downtrodden lately. The Chiefs haven’t won a Super Bowl in 39 years. And the Royals are 39 light years from claiming another World Series (and no, KU doesn’t count).

But that doesn’t stop us cowtowners from letting you know just how excited we are about our teams. For instance, take the current Kansas City Chiefs display at the KC airport:

KC Airport Chiefs Jerseys

As you can see, it’s pretty damn impressive. Sadly though, there’s an unfortunate oversight. Read more…