Romo, Jones Get Picky In Cowboys Stadium Debut

• The Dallas Cowboys’ brand-new billion-dollar stadium was christened with a plethora of picks, courtesy of Tony Romo & Jerry Jones.

Tony Romo Jerry Jones nose pick

• Seems that the only thing that could possibly slow down the Florida Gators is the dreaded swine flu.

• Sadly, four Gator fans were killed in a small plane crash after returning from Saturday’s game in Gainesville.

• And now some fun video of a Bayou Bengals fan bombed out of his mind.

• An Arkansas high school football coach gets a kick out of never having his team punt.

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SbB@3: Reds at Pirates? Cornell at Yale? Jackpot

Any blog can remind you of all the good sports TV viewing out there. But which one would warn you about all of the dangers that lurk in your TV Guide? Once again we at SbB have only your best interests at heart.

What You Won't Watch

Of special note this week is the WNBA playoffs, where players on teams you never heard of tell each other to talk to the hand. There’s also bass fishing, bowling and a very special episode of Cornell at Yale football, which we know will be watched by at least one person. Hey Bush, don’t hog the pretzels! Read more…