Sports Radio Makes Your Proposal Extra Romantic

Sports radio listeners don’t exactly strike us as the, y’know, romantic type. If someone’s calling into a radio show to hurl invective at certain sports teams or players (none of whom will actually hear said invective, of course), odds are that their grasp on the outside world - and the women inhabiting it - is a little limited. Else, Big Fan wouldn’t ring true at all.

Big Fan
(It’s like if this guy made a wedding proposal.)

So when one of them actually does con a woman into spending time with them - and let’s be honest, with these people, this is a con job - their romantic instincts are still going to be stilted. Thus, you know marriage proposals are going to be… different.

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Mad Dog Cancels “Mike and the Mad Dog” Show

Fans of sports radio were dealt a harsh blow this morning when they learned that the “little hiatus” that Mike and the Mad Dog were on had turned into a full-blown permanent breakup. Chris “Mad Dog” Russo has left the WFAN building.

Mike and the Mad Dog

(The pair, during happier times)

The pair, only weeks from their 19th anniversary on the air together, have broken up for good.

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Here’s The Very Latest On Pedro Martinez’s Colon

We’re in New York at the moment so like every single last one of you in the tri-state area, we’re tuned in to the bloviating wonderment that is Mike Francesa and Chris Russo on WFAN.

Fun with Pedro Martinez's colon!

During their show (1-6:30p!) yesterday, the flatu-rific pair interviewed’s Jon Heyman, who volunteered perhaps a little too much information when it came to Pedro Martinez’s physical condition. Read more…