Michelle Wie Blog Shows Art Skills, Leopard Skirts

Michelle Wie has her own blog where she can showcase some of her off-course talents - such as art work and wearing leopard & leather outfits.

Michelle Wie leopard skirt

• No one circles the wagons like the Buffalo Bills - mainly because they keep putting themselves in disastrous situations.

• A Nigerian soccer player tries to earn a roster spot by smuggling heroin.

• A furious female Canadian boxer decides to beat up some British soldiers because they were “being gay” on the dance floor.

• Successful sales of a 5,000-calorie burger fills minor league team’s coffers, clogs minor league fans’ arteries.

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The Final Tally: 1,948 Burgers, 9,350,400 Calories

As we mentioned over the course of the season, the hit concession item of the season had to be the West Michigan Whitecaps’ “Fifth Third Burger,” a four-pound behemoth that clocks in at nearly 5,000 calories. It’s good for you, though. Just, um, take our word on that and eat it. Do it.

Fifth Third Burger
(Can I get it without mayo? I’m trying to watch my weight.)

Turns out plenty of Whitecaps fans did - over 100 on Opening Day alone - which means many are about to die of massive heart attacks within the next couple months. As CNBC’s Darren Rovell reports, the team sold almost 2,000 of the culinary monstrosities, meaning one thing: GREAT SUCCESS! But hey - what’s a gluttonous food item worth if you can’t make a competition out of it?

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