Blimey! NFL Heading Back To Britain Next Season

The National Football League had such a smashing time in England this year, that they’re coming back to put on another jolly good show.

The Clash London Calling

The ASSOCIATED PRESS reports that the NFL will be playing another regular season game in Great Britain next season. Over 80,000 fans filled Wembley Stadium last October to watch the Giants squeeze out a win over the Dolphins in muckety conditions.

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Streaker Excites Otherwise Dull Giants-Dolphins Game in London

BRIT IN THE BUFF WOWS WEMBLEY WITH SUDDEN SHOW: With their 8th straight loss, the Miami Dolphins are in the middle of an ugly streak. So, it’s bad enough the team had to endure another one in London:

POPJOCKS lets it all hang out, as video evidence confirms a British bloke in the buff bouncing around at midfield during Sunday’s NFL international extravaganza.Wearing nothing but a hat and a strategically-placed football, the buffoon in the birthday suit managed to entertain the Wembley crowd for a few seconds. However, security soon scampered off the silly sans-clothing spectator.

It’s hard to tell what was more stomach-churning to watch - this guy’s on-field aerobics, or the rest of the game.