In Space Football, No One Can Hear You Scream

Though it may seem buried by an avalanche of pwned videos, naked ladies and racial epithets, the Internet can still surprise and amaze.

Presenting Exhibit A. It’s called SPACE SPORTILIZATION, and it’s as mind-blowing as its name implies. And yes, this is going to be explained by four-time NFL Pro Bowler and Washington Post contributor Ken Harvey, because why wouldn’t it be?

And it gets better.

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Usain Bolt Faster Than What’s Humanly Possible?

Remember those “My Fast” commercials that Nike debuted a couple of months back? In Usain Bolt’s case, his fast is not only faster than your fast, or anyone else’s fast in the world, it’s in fact faster than mathematical models predicting the progress of humans in terms of speed. WIRED reports that the mathematical formula used to predict the progression of the 100-meter world record has been extremely accurate - until Bolt came along.

Projection of the 100 meter world record

Bolt’s dramatic lowering of the world record time has led scientists and mathematicians to recalculate just what they think the human body is capable of doing.

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