MMA Hottie Gina Carano Strips In Front Of Crowd

Here at SbB, we make a simple oath: If the most attractive kicker of butt this side of Lara Croft is ever forced to get naked in front of an assembly of onlookers, we promise to bring you that news as soon as humanly possible. Which is why we must start your day with this story of superstar fighter Gina Carano, who had to strip down yesterday while trying to make weight for tonight’s “EliteXC: Heat” in Fort Lauderdale.

Gina Carano

When Carano - previously mentioned here in a post that includes many, many images to show exactly why she’s so well-liked - stepped up to the scale looking to make the 141-pound weight limit and noticed she was 1.75 pounds over, she did what any self-respecting person would do: Stripped off her clothes.

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