It’s Official: Yahoo Sports Has Passed

Our pal Jamie Mottram recently left AOL Fanhouse, which he created and turned into a powerhouse, for Yahoo Sports. Looks like he made the right call.

Jamie Mottram

FAST COMPANY has a long piece this week on the rapid emergence of Yahoo Sports as the #1 sports destination on the internet. You heard us right, ahead of

Excerpt: “Yahoo beat ‘the worldwide leader’ in unique visitors in August, September, and November 2007, according to comScore Media Metrix. In the money game, according to a private Nielsen/NetRatings AdRelevance report obtained by Fast Company, both Yahoo Sports and generated about $80 million in ad revenue through the first three quarters of last year.Read more…

NBC Sports Website Merging Back Into MSNBC-dot-com Portal

NBC SPORTS WEBSITE MERGING BACK INTO MSNBC.COM: Just over a year after struck out on its own, the Peacock website is returning to its MSNBC roost.

NBC Peacock Mascot

SPORTS BUSINESS JOURNAL reports that NBC’s sports site will now be housed on MSNBC’s Internet portal, hoping to increase viewership that’s fallen way below expectations.As an NBC Sports VP admitted, “ drives a lot of traffic. They’re a big front door.”

When launched as a separate entity in September 2006, almost 900,000 unique visitors stopped by in each of of the site’s first two months of existence.

Since then, readership had declined to the point where site traffic couldn’t be measured, due to falling below “minimum reporting standards for Nielsen Online.”

Of course, Notre Dame’s fumbling football fortunes haven’t helped the situation, either.

So, after trying to compete with the likes of and, has flown back to the nuturing nest of an established traffic grabber.

Hayden Panettiere Heroes

That’s too bad. Maybe more photos of Hayden Panettiere in her “Heroes” outfit could have regenerated more viewers.