Rick Fox’s Foxy Sister; Big Ben Fibs About Ribs?

• We’re glad to have discovered Rick Fox’s ultra-foxy sister, Jeanene.

Jeanene Fox

• Could brave Ben Roethlisberger be telling a fib about his broken ribs?

• An ex-girlfriend is suing Roberto Alomar for $15 million, claiming that the slugger gave her AIDS.

Brett Favre says he’s retiring. This is not a repeat from 2008.

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Huizenga: NY Giants Didn’t Make The ‘08 Playoffs?

Former Miami Dolphins Owner Wayne Huizenga made the media rounds this week after he recently rushed to the sell the Dolphins in order to avoid new taxes from Barack Obama’s administration.

Wayne Huizenga didn't know NY Giants made the playoffs in '08

(From his latest comments, probably good thing Wayne-O just sold the team)

The Dolphins enjoyed a remarkable turnaround the past season, but it’s safe to say that success had absolutely nothing to do with Huizenga’s knowledge of football - or geography for that matter.

What am I talking about it? Huizenga did an interview with WAXY-AM (790 The Ticket) in Miami this week and proved that he’s leaves all the details to his underlings. And I do mean all.

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Could Big Tuna Bail On ‘Fins After Stellar Season?

While the Detroit Lions have to be the least inspiring story of the NFL season, the most inspiring has to be the turnaround of the Miami Dolphins. Only 1 win accomplished in 2007, the Marine Mammals grabbed 11 “W”s in 2008 - along with the AFC East title. And it can be argued it’s all thanks to the man brought in to right the Dolphins’ ship - Bill Parcells.

Bill Parcells Dolphins

But on the brink of one of the best sports success stories to ever happen, there’s a chance that the Big Tuna may sail for other seas after only one season at the helm.

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Report: Blame The Bloggers On Cameron’s Ouster

The MIAMI HERALD has details today on the bloodbath ensuing this week at the Miami Dolphins’ offices. Bill Parcells already has told “several low-rung Dolphins staffers have been told to show up early for work Monday to clean out other people’s offices throughout the Dolphins’ facility.”

Computer In Water

Both GM Randy Mueller, who was seen leaving Dolphins Stadium before the end of Miami’s 38-25 loss to the Bengals Sunday, and Coach Cam Cameron are toast.

The Herald details a bizarre concern The Tuna has about Cameron: “Parcells apparently told (Wayne) Huizenga he has heard stories about Cameron spending some of his time monitoring the team’s website to make sure the players are being asked the right questions by club-employed reporters. Cameron also wanted to make sure the players were giving the right answers.

Parcells told Huizenga he doesn’t want a coach that is worried about blogs or website interviews. He wants a tough-minded, hard-driven football man who is more concerned with football than facade.”

And to think we thought bloggers were only responsible for plague, pestilence and world hunger. You can add another global concern to the list.

Bill Parcells To Join Dolphins As Head of Football Operations

DOLPHINS GET ‘NEW DADDY’; PARCELLS GOING TO MIAMI: The MIAMI HERALD reports that the Big Tuna is all set to go swimming with the Dolphins:

Bill Parcells Miami Herald headline

A source says Bill Parcells will become Miami’s head of football operations. A four-year deal proposed by team owner Wayne Huizenga on Wednesday has been agreed to by Parcells, and ESPN reports the ex-NFL coach is expected to sign within the next 48 hours.The hopeful hiring has put Dolphins defensive tackle Vonnie Holliday in a festive mood: “Bill Parcells is one of those names that if he comes in and he’s on board, he’s a guy that’s going to get things going in the right direction.”

On the lighter side, offensive tackle L.J. Shelton joked, “We’re going to have a new daddy.”

ESPN Reports Michael Dell May Buy Miami Dolphins

MIAMI DOLPHINS SOON TO SEND IN PLAYS FROM BOMBAY?: Hank Goldberg reported yesterday on ESPN’s “Sunday NFL Countdown” that Dell Computer CEO Michael Dell is a potential buyer of the Miami Dolphins.

Dell Billboard India

We know the Dolphins are having a tough season but having the plays sent in from Bangalore might not be the best idea going forward.Goldberg also noted that Wayne Huizengacould always sell off a sizable chunk of the team and remain the controlling partner until he sells the rest.”

Right, with Huizenga’s stellar stewardship (1-13 this season, no Super Bowl wins in 17 years), we’re sure that scenario is sure to attract a (leaky) raft of buyers.

Meanwhile, the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL reports that real estate developers Jorge Perez and Stephen Ross are frontrunner to purchase the club outright, but that Huizenga would not sell the team for “less than $1[B].

Dolphins Have Trouble Getting Celebs To Games

DOLPHINS’ EFFORTS TO GET A-LIST CELEBS INCOMPLETE: When you’re one of the worst teams in football, even the allure of South Beach and warm weather can’t bring the celebrities to your stadium:

Gisele bikini Dolphins sack

The PALM BEACH POST finds plenty of seats available for A-Listers, and even B- or C-Listers, as the Miami Dolphins work to get the toasts of Tinseltown to Dade County.Even before the 0-7 start, the NFL team had hired Doris Porter, PR Director for the local NFL Alumni Association, to help get the stars to shine at Dolphins Stadium this year. It’s Porter’s job to convince famous faces to show their mugs in Miami’s park.

Any celebs willing to watch Cleo Lemon & Co. are treated to luxury boxes, four-star accommodations, great grub, nifty Dolphins gear, and flights in & out - all on the team’s dime.

Matt Damon Miami Dolphins 0-16 sign

So far this season, there haven’t been many takers - except last Sunday, when Matt Damon, Matt Dillon and Gisele Bundchen all honored the crowd with their presence. Unfortunately, they were all rooting for the Patriots.Porter has been reaching at straws in trying to get any celebrity appearances at the stadium. She’s even put out feelers for such potential seat fillers as Britney Spears, Kevin Federline and Lindsay Lohan. But even owner Wayne Huizenga isn’t that desperate, as he put the kabosh on those visits.

While the ‘Fins enjoy some fish & chips in Merrie Olde England this week, maybe they can convince some British screen stars to come across the pond and enjoy a ripping good game, old chap.

Monty Python & The Holy Grail

But if Miami performs as well in Wembley Stadium as they’ve done all season, then bollocks to that idea.