Bears Fan Charged $28K By AT&T To Watch Game

If you were a Chicago Bears fan, and you were stuck away from home on game day, how much would you pay to watch Kyle Orton overthrow receivers on 3rd-and-8? Maybe you would pay five dollars, or even ten. But how about $28,067.31? That’s exactly how much the CHICAGO SUN-TIMES says one lucky fan was charged by AT&T after he watched a game on his computer.

Bears AT&T logo

The Bears fan in question, Wayne Burdick, was watching the game on his computer from a port in Miami, where he was waiting to take a cruise. He was using a Slingbox to watch the game while getting a (non-roaming) signal from his unlimited wireless card. So imagine his surprise when after watching the game for 2 1/2 hours and expecting a bill around $200, he received a bill 140 times that size.

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