Angry Chicago Mob Will Find Victorino Beer Tosser

As Rick pointed out in this morning’s Speed Read, and as you have no doubt discussed with your buddies already today, last night’s Cubs/Phillies game featured one of the most brazen displays of fan FAIL in recent years. A stereotypical fair-weather Cubbie d-bag dumped his Old Style on Philadelphia’s Shane Victorino to express his displeasure at the Cubbies’ continued suckitude, the wrong guy was removed, and the Cubs apologized to everyone. You’d think that would be the end of the story, but nothing involving the Chicago Cubs is ever straightforward.

Cubs Wanted Poster

Both the Cubs and Victorino have filed formal complaints with the Chicago Police Department, who has in turn said that assault charges will be brought against the fan - as soon as he’s found. Now, the city (or at least its more web-savvy inhabitants) are on a mission to track down the fan. We’re doing our part. Let’s get ‘im!

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