Photos: Warren Sapp’s False Accuser Exposed

Tuesday a misdemeanor battery allegation filed by a woman against Warren Sapp the day before the Super Bowl was dropped. David Ovalle of the MIAMI HERALD reports the galling details:

Chante Wylie False Accuser Of Warren Sapp

The woman had claimed Sapp pushed her during an argument in a room at the Shore Club, and she fell awkwardly on her leg. She said she was in “excruciating pain” and had to limp through the hotel lobby with the help of an unknown man who had been walking through the hallway.

But witnesses and hotel video surveillance indicated the woman was “walking in high heeled stilettos, and acting in a jovial manner” as she left the Shore Club.

Because of glaring inconsistencies in her testimony — one witness also said the woman kept partying at her house after the incident — prosecutors felt they could not prove the misdemeanor battery count, according to a close-out memo filed by Miami-Dade Assistant State Attorney Heather Ravich.

That allegation caused the NFL Network to yank Sapp off its Super Bowl coverage and subsequent broadcasts. Not to mention heaping scorn from the public on the former All-Pro NFL player. (The abuse on alone was astonishing.)

Who knows how much the allegation will ultimately damage Sapp’s reputation and future earning power. Not to mention lost income the past two months.

Meanwhile the identity of the New York City woman who made the false accusation against Sapp continues to be kept secret by the media. Until now.

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