Warren Sapp Probably Should Stay In Bed Today

Photo of Warren Sapp’s “close friend” Persiana and her “ex celebratin’ his win” in Miami early this morning.

Persiana and Warren Sapp

Persiana came to Sapp’s defense yesterday, claiming he was “falsely accused” of domestic battery. Read more…

Sapp Model ‘Close Friend’: He’s ‘Falsely Accused’

A hip-hop video and magazine model who has been photographed with Warren Sapp the past several months, including the day before he was charged with misdemeanor battery, has come to Sapp’s defense on Twitter.

Warren Sapp Model Persiana Vegas Aysha Claims Sapp Is Falsely Accused

(Persiana: “Close friend” of Warren Sapp comes to his defense)

Early Sunday morning model Persiana, who also goes by the name “Vegas Aysha” and describes herself on Twitter as a “Video Vixen and Magazine Blesser,” Tweeted about the Sapp situation: “A really close friend of mine was falsely accused of some serious BS and I’m sooooo upset right now! Omg! I will whoop a bitch for him.

Warren Sapp with model Persiana Vegas Aysha

(Sapp and Persiana - photo taken Friday in Miami)

Earlier, I had contacted Persiana directly Saturday evening to ask her about the situation and she did not respond. But two hours after my email to her, she posted the Tweet defending Sapp.

Warren Sapp with model Persiana Vegas Aysha

(Yes, that’s Bruce Jenner with Sapp and Persiana in Vegas)

Persiana was photographed with Sapp, both giving an obscene gesture, on Friday in Miami. She’s also been pictured with him in the past several months in Las Vegas and New York. In Vegas, she attended the grand opening of Emeril Lagasse’s new sports bar at The Venetian with Sapp.

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UPDATE: Sapp To Spend Night In Jail For Charge

UPDATE (9:43p ET): WSVN-TV’s Blake Burman reports from Miami tonight that Warren Sapp will be spending the night in jail because of a misdemeanor batter charge: “because this case involves alleged domestic violence he has to go before a judge. That means he is spending the night in jail.

Warren Sapp Mugshot

You can read the arrest report of the incident here.

From reading it myself, two new things popped up. The alleged victim claims there was a witness in the hallway when Sapp allegedly threw her out of the hotel room and the woman claims that Sapp texted her with the message, “You Whore” after the alleged abuse.

Omar Kelly and Brian Haas of the SOUTH FLORIDA SUN-SENTINEL has details from Miami Police regarding Warren Sapp’s charge of misdemeanor battery.

Warren Sapp

Sapp is accused of attacking his girlfriend around 5 a.m. Saturday at the Shore Club Hotel on Collins Avenue. The woman, who was not identified by police, was treated by emergency workers for a swollen knee and bruises on the back of her neck and taken to Mount Sinai Medical Center.

Detective Juan Sanchez, spokesman for the Miami Beach Police Department, said that the woman called police around noon Saturday to report that she had been attacked. She said she and Sapp had dated for two years.

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Sapp Charged On ‘Misdemeanor Domestic Battery’


Warren Sapp arrested outside Shore Club in Miami for Domestic Batery

According to a police news release, Warren Sapp has been charged with one count of misdemeanor domestic battery. The charge stems from an incident early Saturday morning at a South Beach hotel. An arrest affidavit was not immediately available.

Miami Beach Police spokesman Juan Sanchez says the 37-year-old Sapp was brought in for questioning Saturday afternoon.

That hotel was the Shore Club, as noted by Sapp himself with a Tweet. Darrell Reid of the Denver Broncos subsequently Tweeted that he saw Sapp being placed in a police car this afternoon.

The NFL Network has already removed Sapp from its coverage of the Super Bowl.