NASCAR Knuckleheads Suspended For XL Engine

Usually when NASCAR teams cheat, it’s something subtle: shaving open the holes in the restrictor plate or making an adjustment of a centimeter or two to a rear window to get aerodynamics. But not Carl Long and his crew chief Charles Swing - they decided if they were going the cheat, why not go the whole mile? So in the qualifying event for last weekend’s All-Star Race, they just went ahead and used an oversized engine.

Carl Long

Unfortunately for them, they had to switch engines between qualifying and the race, which triggered a NASCAR inspection of the bad engine. And as you can imagine, it didn’t take long for NASCAR to figure out that something was wrong. ESPN.COM says that NASCAR lowered the hammer on Long and Swing today, suspending them each for 12 races and fining Swing $200,000 - the largest fine in the sport’s history. They also suspended the car owner - Long’s wife Danielle - for 12 races and docked Long 200 points.

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Rivals Acccuse Robby Gordon Of Going Rosie Ruiz

Last weekend, Robby Gordon decided to use the NASCAR Sprint Cup off-week to do some off-road racing, running in the grueling Baja 250. Apparently, he also decided that if it was worth running, it was worth winning - at any cost. Because as FROM THE MARBLES reports, Gordon is being called a dirty cheater by rivals who say he veered off the course to cut shave four miles and make a pass for second place.

Robby Gordon

I admit that I’m frequently confused, but one thing I cannot wrap my head around is this: they have courses in off-road racing? Doesn’t that defeat the purpose of being, you know, off the road? I would have thought that they would just choose a finish point 250 miles from the starting line and let the drivers decide how to get there.

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