Video: Clean Burfict Now Calls For Personal Towel

Vontaze Burfict committed two personal fouls during the ASU-USC game last Saturday. One was for illegal hands to the face during the second quarter of Sparky’s 43-22 win over the Trojans.

The other? Watch for yourself.

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Burfict Incident: 9 Witnesses, Including Erickson!

After Arizona State’s football scrimmage today, Dennis Erickson was asked about my earlier report that ASU linebacker Vontaze Burfict initiated a heated altercation with Arizona State assistant football coach Steve Broussard.

9 people witnessed altercation between Vontaze Burfict and Steve Broussard - including Erickson himself

(8 players witnessed Burfict menacing ASU’s Broussard + Erickson!)

From Craig Morgan of Fox Sports Arizona:

Coach Dennis Erickson called the report: “totally ridiculous.” He added, “I know my team pretty well. There’s no truth to it at all.

Hard to reconcile Erickson’s comments with what I know to be an indisputable fact: Burfict initiated an altercation early last season with Arizona State wide receivers coach Steve Broussard in which Burfict repeatedly threatened Broussard with physical harm.

More specifically, the altercation took place during a non-contact, 11-on-11 drill at an Arizona State practice.

During a drill in which coaches forbade tackling, Burfict delivered a late, vicious hit to an ASU receiver as the receiver ran a route over the middle.

After Burfict cheap-shotted his unsuspecting Arizona State teammate, ASU wide receivers coach Broussard loudly cautioned Burfict. Following Broussard’s warning, Burfict verbally threatened Broussard with physical violence and immediately stepped to the coach.

Eventually the two squared off in an ugly verbal confrontation before Arizona State players separated the two.
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Burfict ‘Waited’ For Teammate, Threw First Punch

Sunday afternoon I reported that Arizona State star linebacker Vontaze Burfict initiated an attack Sun Devil wide receiver Kevin Ozier in the ASU locker room after practice on Wednesday.

Sunday evening Arizona State Sports Information Director Mark Brand confirmed to KTAR-AM in Phoenix that the SbB-reported altercation between Burfict and Ozier took place:

Star Arizona State linebacker Vontaze Burfict was involved in a locker room fight on Wednesday, ASU confirmed.

According to Associate Athletic Director Mark Brand, there was a scuffle on the field that carried over into the locker room.

ASU spokesman Brand was also quoted in ARIZONA REPUBLIC reporter Doug Haller’s story about the incident, which provided an especially troubling detail of how Burfict launched a premeditated, physical assault on a teammate he outweighed by 50 pounds:

According to a source, Burfict waited for Ozier in the locker room. He threw a punch, Ozier threw a punch and the fight was broken up.

KTAR-AM also reported, “Head coach Dennis Erickson was aware of the assault,” while Republic report Haller noted Sunday night that, “Coach Dennis Erickson was not available for comment.

Four days after Burfict’s now-confirmed assault, Erickson said this about his star player:

“He’s (Burfict) been a leader all winter and spring and summer. .. So far in the five practices we’ve had he’s been a leader out there. .. He’s matured a heckuva lot, he really has.”

“I’m really proud of how he’s matured, I’m really proud of where he’s at.”

Could that be why “Coach Dennis Erickson was not available for comment” on the matter Sunday night?

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Erickson Hiding ASU Star’s Locker Room Assault

Arizona State’s football team, led by head coach Dennis Erickson, held its annual preseason media day on Saturday.

Dennis Erickson Vontaze Burfict Kevin Ozier

(Erickson on Burfict after attack: “I’m really proud of how he’s matured.”)

Not surprisingly, Erickson was asked during his question-and-answer session to give his thoughts about the highest profile player on the squad: star linebacker Vontaze Burfict.

In his remarks about Burfict, a pre-season national player of the year of THE SPORTING NEWS, Erickson touted the Arizona State linebacker’s progress as an emerging team leader who has “matured a lot“:

“He’s (Burfict) been a leader all winter and spring and summer. .. So far in the five practices we’ve had he’s been a leader out there. .. He’s matured a heckuva lot, he really has.”

“I’m really proud of how he’s matured, I’m really proud of where he’s at.”

Along with Erickson, Arizona State wide receiver Aaron Pflugrad, offensive lineman Bo Moos, linebacker Brandon Magee, kicker Alex Garoutte and safety Eddie Elder were all in attendance to take questions from the media on Saturday.

Burfict? Absent.

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Video: ASU Player Has LeGarrette Blount Moment

I’ve located some shocking, amateur cellphone video of an Arizona State football player landing a LeGarrette Blount-like punch on a University of Arizona football player after the two teams met last Saturday.

Vontaze Burfict punches Ricky Wolder after Arizona State vs. Arizona game

(Video was pulled off Youtube, but animation still shows what happened)

After Alex Zendejas kicked a last-second field goal to give the Wildcats the 20-17 win over the Sun Devils, players from both teams streamed together at midfield, and that’s when it got ugly.

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Would Somebody Please Go Find The QB’s Teeth?

As this weekend’s college football action proved, the gap is diminishing - in small increments, but still diminishing - between I-A and I-AA in terms of quality. Two ACC teams were taken down by I-AA opponents, and it took the first double-kick-block in Division I history for #21 Iowa to escape Northern Iowa.

Vontaze Burfict vs. Russell Hill
(This seems totally fair.)

But one of the casualties of a stronger I-AA is that we don’t get to see the plays where a I-A team absolutely annihilates their opponent, to the point that you actually start to feel sorry for their cupcake of choice. There wasn’t a whole lot of that punishing kind of play yesterday. Oh, what’s that, Sun Devils LB Vontaze Burfict? You’d like to hit a poor quarterback so hard his cleats end up in the stands? Well then, by all means, don’t let us stop you. Video is below.

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