Volleyball Players Turn to Tight Undies for Victory

Japanese men’s national team volleyball players come up a little short in the literal and figurative sense. They haven’t qualified for the Olympics in sixteen years and their centers are under six feet fall. Desperate times have led to desperate measures, so the Japanese have done what you would expect from that country to rectify the situation.

Captain Underpants

Naturally, they’ve turned to special underwear that is 20% lighter and will “correct the positioning of the pelvis” to allow them to jump up to one centimeter higher. Possibly. We haven’t seen proof. We suspect it’s just an excuse to reload the ol’ panty vending machines.

Sailor Moon

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Harassment Details You Might Not Care To Know

The ongoing saga of fired college volleyball coach Jaye Flood has taken another turn, with former Florida Gulf Coast University players revealing they weren’t exactly broken up about losing her.

Jaye Flood

This is neither here nor there, and it does not impact someone’s ability to coach volleyball (which Flood apparently did with some level of success), but the hotties tag will not be used on this post. But harassment? Oh, we have that. Read more…

Blog-O-Rama: Volleyball Vixen Rachel Wacholder

• RANDBALL spikes over a nice sit-down chat with pro beach volleyball vixen Rachel Wacholder.

Rachel Wacholder

• SI’s EXTRA MUSTARD informs us that for only $10,000, Barry Sanders & Terrell Davis will come by and eat all your Super Bowl snacks.

• You can have your Memphis & Kansas - THE ANGRY T is rooting for the New Jersey Institute of Technology to complete their own perfect season.

• EVERY DAY SHOULD BE SATURDAY is Bullish on South Florida visiting Notre Dame in 2011.

Jenn Sterger South Florida Bulls Fan

The big question is: When will Jenn Sterger be showing up in South Bend?

• DEEP SOUTH SPORTS doesn’t take kindly to SPORTSLINE’s Gregg Doyel arguing about Archie Manning overshadowing his boys.

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