Dan Marino Launches His Own Brand Of Vodka

#13 MIGHT STICK TO WHAT HE DOES BEST - HOT DOG EATING: The NEW YORK POST notes today that Dan Marino was in New York last night “celebrating the launch of his new vodka, Americana, at Maria Pia on West 51st.

Dan Marino

It’s an ill-fated move by #13, as he’s apparently unaware that Dolphins fans have been elbow-deep in Smirnoff for some time now.

Americana Vodka

MARTINI GROOVE is high (kinda) on Marino’s vodka: “It’s produced and bottled at the nation’s oldest family distiller (doesn’t say who), has a slow charcoal filter for carbon filtration (doesn’t say how many times), and uses grains harvested from America, The Beautiful (doesn’t say what type of grains). It also doesn’t say where it’s going to launch, when it will launch, or how much it will cost.“We think Marino should go back to doing what he does best: Running restaurants in Hooters casinos …

Dan Marinos Hooters Hotel Las Vegas

… and eating hot dogs:

Dan Marino Hot Dogs