Chris Cooley Shows Just How Cool He Really Is

While there’s no statistic out there to prove it, it seems like when an athlete is asked by some dying fan to give them a visit or send them a personalized autograph or something else along those lines, more often than not they feel like they’re being forced to do it just to avoid a PR disaster. But when Chris Cooley is asked to see a sick man, you kind of get the sense he wouldn’t want to be anywhere else.

Chris Cooley and Ron Frazier

Last week, Cooley received an email telling him the story of Kathy and Ron Frazier. The two had been season ticket holders for the Redskins since ‘91, but this year they’d been unable to get to any games because Ron was suffering from stage-4 colon cancer. Two hours after receiving the email, Redskins brass called the couple to let them know that Cooley was on the case!

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