Went To The Islands And All I Got Was A Van Pelt

Back in Miami after three more days of shooting in the Caribbean over the holiday weekend. How do you like my new Van Pelt?

Brooks Virgin Islands

I’m getting some amazing shots of your favorite SbB Girls down there. I’m also shooting a new SbB Girl in the Caribbean June, and that’ll be it for the Caribbean for now (I’m a little fried at this point, figuratively and literally).

I’m moving back to L.A. in July, and will focus on shooting there and Hawaii for the next few months. Though I am planning a trip to New York in July to shoot - and Paris as well later in the summer. Read more…

Giving You Caribbean Crabs (No, The Good Kind)

I’m back in Miami today after my week-long jaunt to the Virgin Islands. I had an unusual sighting the last day down there - getting eyeballed by Sam Cassell on one of the more secluded beaches:

Virgin Islands Crab

As you would expect, the views were as spectacular as a Shonda Schilling ensemble:

Virgin Islands View


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Just When We Thought We Were in Paradise …

Here is where I’m posting from today:

Virgin Islands St.. Croix Posting Location On The Beach

I’m in St. Croix (U.S. Virgin Islands), and as you can see, it’s a gorgeous view. And as an added bonus, the hedge keeps out the Vietcong.

I’ve got some more fun pics from my travels down here coming shortly.

Take A Wild Guess Where SbB Is At The Moment

Some scenes from where I am at the moment:

Scenes From The Virgin Islands

I’ve enjoyed the gas prices, the “sour sap” and the pickup cricket games (without the Pakistani nuclear bomb scares!). And yes, I’m still very much in the United States. My location is revealed after the jump. Read more…