Kobe Explains Miraculous Aerial Over Aston Martin

The newest viral sports video floating around (and the latest great example of Nike marketing) is Kobe Bryant appearing to jump over an Aston Martin racing right at him.

Kobe car jump

Well, the Lakers star-turned-stuntman comes clean and explains how he did it. John Ireland of KCAL-TV catches up with the Kobester for the scoop:

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If Only the Olympics Had More Marketing This Year

“It’s hard to be a marketer out here. The kids with their Internets and their rock’n'roll and their Tamagotchis. How do you reach them? Can we put something on their I-Pods? We should do what Apple does with their I-Tunes store and make money. So does anyone have any ideas about how we can connect with the kids? Phil? Do you have a Web 2.0 idea?”

Beijing Olympics swimwear

“Thanks, Jim. You see, I hear there’s this Olympic thing coming up this year. You know, the sexy summer one with the sand volleyball babes and not the bundled-up boring winter one. Let’s send out boxes of Olympics-related garbage as part of an alternate-reality game and then they’ll talk about us on the Internet.”

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