Racket Rapper Spadea Gets Jiggy Wit’ Wimbledon

TENNIS PLAYA SPADEA GETTIN’ JIGGY WIT’ WIMBLEDON: Going from big boobs to block-rockin’ beats, tennis pro Vince Spadea is trying his darnedest to add some flava to the court and some nastiness to the net:

Vince Spadea rapping

And just in time for Wimbledon, Vinny lobs the lyrics of his latest tennis tirade toward us fortunate souls.Kickin’ out some mad samples for ya, G:

Hotties trying to give a hug, and I’m giving them the shrug, cause I’m the menace of tennis at the Oscars of service winners.”

Or the serve of Andy Roddick, Its hypnotic, its illogic, its a comet, coming like a rocket, and its chronic. Where’s our girl, Kournikova - Anna, are you married?”

Anna Kournikova

Strawberries and cream, I used to dream about a street, SW 19, on center court I’m hitting short wearing shorter shorts than Borg’s. Who is Vince, where’s Williams, where’s Prince William, where’s my millions, where’s Guga Brazilian. Where’s my Brit civilians?”

Strawberries British smiles

How bout Henin, how about Lennon, how bout me and BBC? that be sweet, on TV, eating scones and tea, but I feel I won, cause I’m chillin in the Sun, selling 4 million, having fun is number one, I’m almost done, but my thoughts are never wrong. Wimby tennis anyone?”As far as acing a lucrative career in the hip-hop racket, Spadea may have double-faulted.