Cole Hamels Has A Lot Of Super-Cool New Friends

Ever since the Phillies won the World Series last October, Cole Hamels has been making his presence felt throughout all forms of media.  He’s been on Letterman, graced the covers of a few different magazines, and has gone out of his way to remind Mets fans that their team sucks whenever he can.  Really, he’s just doing anything he can to keep himself in the spotlight while it’s still shining on him.

Which means that Cole needs representation to get him all those endorsement deals and television appearances, and now Cole has finally found that agency.  Hamels has signed on with The Prince Marketing Group, and he joins a roster of some very talented people currently working with The Prince Marketing Group.  I mean, it doesn’t get much better than the Iron Sheik, does it?

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Vince Neil Loves Ladies & Liquor Out On The Links

Who would’ve guessed that Vince Neil would be such a golf enthusiast? Well, if Alice Cooper can trade head-banging tunes for holes-in-one, why can’t Motley Crue’s lead singer do the same?

Vince Neil Gina Lynn golf

(Vince invites adult film star Gina Lynn to grab the shaft of his 9-iron)

Tony Biasotti of the VENTURA COUNTY STAR tees up his story about living through the sights & sounds & smells of a charity tournament done the Dr. Feelgood way. Read more…

Anthem Skipped At Steelers’ Monday Night Game

STEELERS SKIP STAR-SPANGLED BANNER BEFORE MNF GAME With all the preparation done for Monday night’s game, the Steelers forgot about one thing - the Star-Spangled Banner:

Vince Neil fat Steelers girl

The PITTSBURGH POST-GAZETTE reports that the national anthem was skipped over, after lightning concerns caused a 15-minute delay before kickoff.Vince Neil of Motley Crue was all set to put on his patriotic performance. But both ESPN and the NFL told Steelers officials that they didn’t want the anthem to interfere with the broadcast, saying the delay had closed the “window” for the song.

Motley Crue album

For Vince, it wasn’t the Same Ol’ Situation, and he missed out on his chance to relish in the attention of the Heinz Field audience.Steelers President Art Rooney II apologized for the omission, saying it was the wrong decision, and adding, “It’s unfortunate and certainly something we hope never happens again.”