Vince Dooley Ruins Many a Georgia Bulldog’s Day

Today, former Georgia football coach Vince Dooley guested on Tim Brando’s nationally-syndicated Sporting News Radio show. If I have to set up who Dooley is, you may as well move on now.

(While on Finebaum, Brando was a touch dumbstruck over Dooley remark)

With the Georgia football program currently a shambles, a somehow cheery Dooley ended the interview with a comment to Brando that, as an alumnus of the Univ. of Georgia, I can assure you ruined many a Georgia Bulldog’s day: Read more…

Brog: Will Chargers’ Chambers’ Sick Vid Go Viral?

Jorge Sedano of Miami’s 790 The Ticket has your catch o’ the day:

Chris Chambers Viral NFL Commercial With Crazy Catches

Chargers wideout Chris Chambers making some sick grabs that may or may not have been digitally enhanced. I actually think not.

Went to the Maddenpalooza thing last night at the Rose Bowl. As I sit here today, I’m still wondering why the event was staged by now-faltering EA Sports. Was the evening designed to be a media event? Was it to move product? Was it to create a lively, fun environment for attendees?

From what I observed, that would be no, no and no.

Brooks Maddenpalooza

(Need to lose some lbs., so I don’t cover up that one guy - see armpit)

I went early evening, and there was less than a thousand people milling around Slick Rick’s spacious abode at that time. Musicial artists Busta Rhymes and Good Charlotte played to about 200 people on one side of the stadium turf, while a tent full of Madden-loaded plasmas sat empty beyond the opposite endzone.

Maddenpalooza NO PHOTOS!

(How to create a fun, fan-friendly environment!)

But of course, as someone who occasionally attends UCLA football games which don’t include a certain Cardinal & Gold opponent, that hollow, placid environment is nothing new for the Rose Bowl. So I felt right at home.

Busta Rhymes Maddenpalooza

(Busta Rhymes is in there …. somewhere)

Here on the westside of Los Angeles, I pass by EA Sports’ gleaming, half-empty HQs all the time. You wonder if last night’s flaccid activities are symptomatic of larger problems inside the company. Based on the sagging pre-sale of the company’s flagship product, perhaps they are.

Maddenpalooza Guerilla Marketing The Blitz

(Guerrilla Marketing at Maddenpalooza?)

More coverage of the event from Mike Tunison at DEADSPIN, who actually had the audacity to *shudder* take a photo of Warren Sapp.

Read more…

Book: Herschel Walker Has Multiple Personalities

Chip Towers of the ATLANTA JOURNAL-CONSTITUTION reports that “University of Georgia football legend Herschel Walker will detail in an upcoming book that he has a multiple personality disorder.”

Herschel Walker Biking

Simon & Schuster, the book’s publisher, notes “Breaking Free” details Walker’s life dealing with the disorder.

There’s been no comment from Walker on the claim, but friends (among them former Georgia coach Vince Dooley) contacted by the AJC were in complete shock that he had suffered from the affliction for all these years.

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