2K Sports Developing NBA Draft Combine Game

In 2002, Philadelphia 76ers star Allen Iverson sat at a press conference after his team lost in the NBA Playoffs and launched into a famous diatribe about practice. You know the one, we don’t need to explain. While coaches and old white people everywhere were horrified at the brash young man’s attitude, practice-hating kids everywhere rejoiced at someone giving voice to their concerns.

Allen Iverson Practice

(NBA 2K10: “This time…we are talkin’ bout practice!”)

Fast forward seven years. The world is a very different place. Athletes communicate via Twitter instead of press conferences. Allen Iverson is a grizzled journeyman at the end of his career. And 2K sports just announced plans to create an entire freaking video game devoted to practice, “2K10: Draft Combine.” The world has gone completely mad.

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Mike Tyson Is Now The Fattest Man On The Planet

Spike TV broadcast their 2008 Video Game Awards on Sunday night, and the big surprise wasn’t any of the winners. (Your Game of the Year? “Grand Theft Auto IV”. Yawn.) It was an appearance by Mike Tyson, there to promote the upcoming release of “Fight Night Round 4.” Not that he did anything particularly exciting: no trying to bite off show host Jack Black’s ears, no threatening to “eat Luigi’s children.” No, the shock was, quite simply, his appearance:

Mike Tyson and King Hippo

One of the people above is King Hippo from “Mike Tyson’s Punch-Out” and the other is Tyson himself, sporting a physique more along the lines of Buster Douglas than the Baddest Man on the Planet. Can you spot which is which? (Hint: Tyson is the one whose wardrobe is sponsored by Dockers.)

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Gamers Love Golfer Natalie Gulbis and So Do Wii

BUSTED COVERAGE has video evidence that gamers do occasionally get an opportunity to look at real-life actual females.

Natalie Gublis at E3

At this year’s E3, the video game industry’s biggest tradeshow and conference, EA Sports called on the services of LPGA star, Natalie Gulbis to demonstrate the latest addition to the Tiger Woods franchise of golf games on Nintendo Wii. Along with her Wiimote, Gulbis brought along with her, quite possibly the shortest skirt she owns.

Schilling Learning About The ‘Cult’ Of Blogosphere

Red Sox pitcher Curt Schilling has been known for his eccentricities, his outspokenness, and his bloody socks. But Schilling has also evolved into something of a tech geek, including starting his own video game studio and his own blog.

Curt Schilling blogging

As for the latter, Schilling refers to the cadre of sports bloggers as a “cult” and to himself as “out of the loop” of Blogfrica.

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