Canadian Minor League Baseball Managers Brawl

Having never spent much time in either North Dakota or Canada, we’ve always been fairly content to just rely on stereotypes to tell us everything we need to know about them. In fact, North Dakota is, as far as we’re concerned, part of Canada anyway, so one stereotype should suffice.

O Canada!

In other words, everyone in those places is friendly, says things like “a-BOAT”  and “eh,” loves hockey, and is generally polite. These stereotypes are infallible and never wro– wait, what? A minor league manager slugs an opposing coach during a game? In Winnipeg? This we’ve gotta see.

(And we will see it…after the jump.)

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Duke Sucks, Or Should That Be Spelled With An F?

THIRTY-FIVE SECONDS, one of our new favorite college hoops blogs, posts about an otherwise ho-hum opening ACC win by Duke over Virginia yesterday (lo, for the days of Othell Wilson!).

But TFS does dig up something from the already-forgotten game that is linkworthy. Video of an attractive UVA coed (and Dave Matthews fan, no doubt) tell the chanting Cameron fans to “Shut the f*** up.

Video of The Rocket’s Monday Press Conference

After releasing a YouTube video and making statements through lawyers, Roger Clemens finally met with the media to discuss accusations of his steroids use.

The Rocket held a press conference Monday to talk about Brian McNamee and his allegations of shooting up the baseball star with illegal drugs. Clemens even took time to play an audiotape of the phone call he had with McNamee on Friday.And Roger had some angry words for his ex-trainer.

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Rocket Goes Off On Allegations Through YouTube

Roger Clemens has finally made a statement about the Mitchell Report findings, telling all through the magic of YouTube:

In his video vexing, Clemens comes right out and makes an impassioned pre-recorded statement about his alleged steroid use: “Let me be clear, the answer is no. I did not use steroids, human growth hormone, and I have never done so. I did not provide Brian McNamee any drugs to inject into my body.”

Clemens also makes mention of a Los Angeles Times story in 2006 that accused the hurler of doping up: “I faced this last year when the L.A. Times reported that i use steroids. I said it was not true then, and now the the whole world knows it’s not true.”

The Rocket didn’t finish his filmed fuming without making a plug for his appearance on 60 Minutes. Clemens mentioned that the interview with Mike Wallace will be shown after Christmas.

Overall, Roger doesn’t take too kindly to the accusations, saying, “I’m almost numb to some of these suggestions that I would even use steroids.

Clemens Took It In The Butt Trentonian

About as numb as an ass cheek that’s taken repeated needlings.

Serena Williams Sure Can Lovely-It-Up Sometimes

The holidays are all about the spirit of giving, and’s year in photos certainly reflects that generosity, giving us gems like this delightful vision of Serena Williams.

Serena Williams Face Melt

The capture harkens one of our favorite movie scenes, from “Raiders of the Lost Ark”:

Indiana Jones Temple Of Doom Face Melt