Blog-O-Rama: Shooting The Bull w/Sean Salisbury

• DEADSPIN sits down for a nice chat with the one & only Sean Salisbury.

Sean Salisbury No Internet

• J. Darin Darst of CBSSPORTS.COM asks the most pressing question of this year’s Games: Who’s hotter - Jennie Finch or Alicia Sacramone?

• WITH LEATHER pins down news of a high school wrestler getting in trouble for grinding his groin in a fellow grappler’s face.

• THE SCORES REPORT rolls out a typical daily schedule for Michael Phelps during his Beijing stay. No wonder the guy eats 12,000 calories a day.

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Headline: Boning Up For Women Athletes’ Pep Talk

Headline of the day (so far), courtesy of REUTERS:

Boning up female athletes headline

You’d have to be pretty emboldened to prepare for a speech to the ladies in that fashion. Wonder what Olympians are part of this particular pep talk.

Jennie Finch?

Jennie Finch

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SbB Sharing Our Final Four Fun With Fox Sports

Don’t forget - live blogging of the insanity from San Antonio tonight!

• SbB is sharing our Final Four fun with the fine folks at Fox Sports.

Alamodome no beer sales

Michael Vick finds time while doing time to play some football.

Victoria Pendleton isn’t scared of bringing some sex appeal to cycling.

• The Yankees and Blue Jays apparently showed some good sportsmanship at the local strip club.

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Olympic Cyclist Proud Of Showing Naked Ambition

In the continuing (we hope) tradition of female British athletes proud of their skills in sport & sex appeal - such as soccer sweetie Natasha Hughes - cyclist Victoria Pendleton is glad to show off her glamorous side.

Victoria Pendleton with cycling insert

THE DAILY MAIL catches up with the Beijing-bound biker, who has her eyes set on some Olympic gold. (She recently won two golds & a silver at the Track Cycling World Championships.)

But thanks to some previous photo shoots, more eyes will definitely be on her - especially when most of her clothes are off.

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