Unranked Ole Miss: “See You Later, Alligators!”

Guess you can go ahead and dub this “The Upset Special Week” in the world of collegiate pigskin. Following last Thursday’s stunning upset of the top-ranked and “33rd NFL team” USC by the vicious Beavers of Oregon State, another top 5 team got themselves knocked off by a gritty unranked team. Say goodnight, Florida Gators. Ole Miss just took your lunch money.

Ole Miss runs past Florida

(Jevan Snead dices up the Gator defense)

Yet, how did this come to pass?

Maybe the team got pumped because they were going for their 600th win in school history. Or perhaps they were enthused after seeing the two presidential candidates have a hearty debate at their own school the night before. Or maybe they all just got extra-angry once they heard the KKK was sullying up their campus.

Whatever the case, there was an extra something special in the air that let defensive lineman Kentrell Lockett jump over the hoarding mass of the Gator offensive line and block an extra point that would prove to be the game-winner.

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