New Audio System To Kick NASCAR Fans’ Butts

I’m not exactly an auto racing enthusiast, but I’ve been to a few races and the one thing they all had in common was that they were unbelievably loud.


(Yeah, but will you be able to “feel” these people next to you?)

That’s one of the reasons I stopped going, but for most race fans ear-splitting noise = awesome. Enter a company called Guitammer, which promises to build you a home audio system that will help you “feel the speed” of a NASCAR race as you watch it. Of course, it’s not a real racing experience unless they also help you feel that loose tire careening over the wall into your seat.

Prepare to have your butt kicked. Literally. Read more…

GF Knows Where Rollins Hides Roll Of Quarters

Michael Klein of the PHILADELPHIA INQUIRER reports that Jimmy Rollins’ Philly-area home will soon be featured on MTV’s Cribs. Rollins’ sanctuary has all the obligatory, over-the-top furnishings. And of course, his fleet of cars are massive expensively, highlighted by two Bentleys.

Johari Smith

Klein: “You won’t know he’s in the Bentley. He arranged special tinting ‘because I like to go incognito.’

Outside of the Phillies clubhouse, we wonder if he really needs to go to those lengths to remain anonymous.

The only highlight for us, at least as described by Klein, was when Rollins showed off his bed during the tour. Read more…