Vestal Parents Slur Horseheads at Dick Hoover?

News out of Binghamton, NY, home of the Fighting Kornheisers

Bad blood spurted between two high school junior varsity girls’ soccer teams last weekend as Horseheads pounded the Vestal girls viciously and repeatedly, allegedly injuring six girls and sending one to the hospital.

Depending on whom you ask, Horseheads parents either cheered on their girls with their nicknames, such as “C’mon, Jewels!” or “Go get ‘em, Meggers!” or they unleashed a torrent of racial slurs on the teens for the entire match.

Dick Hoover Stadium

And where did all of this bile built up between the Lady Horseheads and the Vestal Virgins* secrete itself into the upstate New York soil?  Dick Hoover Stadium.

God, we… we just… we love this country so much sometimes that our heart could just burst, y’know?
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