Ron Artest Pumps Iron On Venice Beach w/Vixens

When we last checked up on Ron Artest, the latest Lakers star was hitting a Hong Kong amusement park with aspiring Chinese singer Shin Shin in tow, and adding his own amusement by reenacting his famous Malice In The Palace. Of course, in order to be able to pull off such moves on a moment’s notice, a man needs to stay in shape. So Ron Ron took a trip to Venice Beach to lift a a few weights.

Ron Artest Venice Beach

And just to play it safe, he was accompanied by three scantily-clad spotters. He was also joined by this spandex-sporting lass on the next bench over:

Venice Beach exercise woman

She was probably was there for additional moral support. Anyway, video of Ron’s full workout after the jump.

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Photo: Did Lenny Dykstra Move To Venice Beach?

Took this Sunday on the Venice Beach Boardwalk in Los Angeles:

Lenny Dykstra Moved To Venice Beach?

No sign of Lenny Dykstra, but did spot Darren Daulton detailing the rims.

One Brett That The Nation Can Actually Care About

• The harrowing story of Brett The Goat: From awaiting ritualistic slaughter while tied up in the trunk of a freaky Favre-hater, to his daring rescue by Minnesota auto mechanics & his settling down in the safe haven of a well-known Wisconsin farm.

Brett the goat

Disney & Dreamworks are dueling for the movie rights as we speak!

• Speaking of the other Brett, the SbB Favre Embargo has officially ended. Shall we do it again?

• Punts at the new Cowboys Stadium keep getting blocked by the big HD screen above the field. Whose fault is it - Jerry Jones or the NFL?

• Venice Beach: A great place for spotting topless ladies - and their kids!

• NCAA schools are looking to trim budgets by bringing to a halt the practice of hosting football players in hotels for home games.

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Random Guy Destroys LeBron James in H-O-R-S-E

And he gave a heck of a money quote afterwards. Dan Kalb was selected to play LeBron James in “LeBron’s Trick Shot Challenge” in Venice Beach, California. Not satisfied to merely show up, he took down the Olympian in a best of three round of H-O-R-S-E.

Kalb told the MANSFIELD NEWS JOURNAL “I’m sure it was in fun,” Kalb said, “but part of him was probably thinking, ‘I can’t believe I lost to a bald 26-year-old.’”. No kidding.

Video of Kalb’s victory is after the jump. Read more…

Brog: Brooks & Doro After Long Day Of Shooting

Here’s a new photo of me and SbB Girl Dorothy last week after we wrapped a shoot on the beach in Malibu:

Brooks and SbB Girl Dorothy in Malibu

Long, exciting day of college football today. My Dawgs murdered GSU, so the Sol will be flowing tonight at The Cantina (which one, dunno yet) here on Venice Beach. I’m a little melancholy, as this is really my last do-nothing summer weekend in L.A. And tomorrow, the temp is supposed to drop like a rock here (I know, boo-farking-hoo Brooks). Read more…