Speed Read: Hurricanes Avoid Yellow Jackets Trap

All this week, one of the top stories in college football was about the resurgence of the University of Miami football program after their Labor Day victory over Florida State. They were ranked in the Top 25 for seemingly the first time since Bernie Kosar was behind center, and people were talking about how head coach Randy Shannon had turned the moribund program back into players on the national stage.

Miami vs Georgia Tech

Which meant only one thing: The ‘Canes were due to crash and burn last night on ESPN against Georgia Tech. After all, they would certainly be dealing with a team-wide outbreak of swollen heads after their “program changing” win against the Seminoles. Plus, they would have to deal with the Yellow Jackets’ screwy triple option offense, which is tough under any circumstances. All the signs were there for a total meltdown: in fact, it had to happen.

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LeBron James Loves Himself Some Barry Manilow

In my opinion, one of the greatest inventions of all time has been the iPod.  As someone who is a fan of so many types of music it was nice to finally have a device where I could store every single song on every single CD I owned at the time.  No longer would I have to carry around a book full of CDs and a CD player, I only needed that wonderful little rectangle to carry in my pocket to access any song I felt like hearing.

iPods are also a wonderfully easy way to get to know a person because you only have to take a look at the artists they have on there to get a feel for what they’re like.  If a person only carries music of a certain genre on theirs, you already know that they’re rather closed-minded and stubborn in their ways.   If that person has everything from Jay-Z to Barry Manilow on their playlist, well then you know you’re dealing with LeBron James.

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Kevin Millar’s Cool As Ice With New Blonde Hairdo

Kevin Millar made a little wager on the NBA Finals. (Don’t worry, the b-ball bet wasn’t anything approaching Pete Rose-levels.) And by the looks of it, he took the Lakers.

That would explain why the Orioles’ first baseman showed up to the plate last night in a new blonde hairdo, accompanied by the sweet melodies of “Ice, Ice Baby”.

Kevin Millar blonde

BROMOBLOG breaks it down that Millar lost his NBA bet to former Red Sox teammate Jason Varitek. As a result, Kevin came up against the Houston Astros with the new hair and a new at-bat song courtesy of Vanilla Ice. Video proof of his plate appearance is after the jump.

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